Bryan MooneY


Interview  BY Debbie Comber-

I am here with author Bryan Mooney discussing his writing and his books. I am a recent convert to his stories having read his latest book, Christmas in Vermont and then Love Letters.

Q- I just finished reading your latest book and I guess the first question I have for you is where do you get your ideas for your books?

     A- I get my inspiration from everywhere, newspapers, life downtown, daily activities, advice columns, nightly news, they are all fertile areas for potential stories. Christmas in Vermont was inspired by when I was snowbound this past winter but really enjoying the snow, the Christmas carols, the holiday parties and the holiday season. I just had to put my feelings down on paper.

Q- Your books are so vivid in description. When I read Love Letters  I fell in love with Delray Beach and with your main character Jack. When I was reading  your book, A Second Chance,  I felt I was in Greece. When I read Christmas in Vermont I thought I was spending time with the Reynolds family in Woodstock, Vermont celebrating Christmas. I felt I was watching a Hallmark movie as I read your book.  My question is, when can we expect to see one of your books as a movie?

      A- Well, due to pending  contract issues, I can't really comment  about that  at this time but keep watching this site for your answers... coming soon.

Q- I have to tell you that I loved the town of Woodstock and the characters were so real I didn't want the book to end.  I loved the characters! I loved the town! Can we expect a sequel?

      A- That one I can answer.  I received so much positive feedback and emails about the books all asking for a sequel. Well the answer is yes, I am working on a sequel now and expect it out soon. It will have many of the same characters and many new ones. Stay tuned. But if you can't wait there is a brief excerpt under upcoming books on this website.

Q- What about an audio book for some of your books? I would love to hear somebody read your wonderful letters and the touching poetry.

     A- You are in luck. This week three books will be released as audio books including, Christmas in Vermont, Love Letters and The Potus Papers. More to be released next year.

Q-Your books have gotten some great reviews especially your romance novels as well as your  mystery thrillers. Why do you write different genres?


     A- I love to write romance novels but I also have other feelings I want to express and the best way for a writer to do that is to write about it. I usually write a romance novel or commercial fiction as they say in the trade and then write either a gritty detective novel or something like that just to keep my writing fresh.

Q- Readers have continuously compared your books to the writings of Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts and James Patterson.  That is some pretty heavyweight comparisons.

     A- Yes, I am always flattered to be thought of in the company of such great authors as the ones you mentioned.

Q- I must tell you I loved reading your book, Love Letters.  The letters and the poetry were exquisite.  Did you write them?

     A- Yes I did. The letters were much easier to write but after a while the poetry just sort of flowed.

Q- Is there a book of poetry in the future?

      A- Anything is possible.

Q- When you are not writing what do you like to read?

      A- I read a number of newspapers every day to keep up with daily events around the globe. I love biographies and historical novels such as McCullough's tale about the building of the Panama Canal. I read to keep up with daily events around the globe. It was newspaper articles about the girl attacked in New Delhi, India a few years back that inspired me to write the book, INDIE- A Female Vigilante. I was so enraged that I just had to speak out. 

Q- I finished reading, Christmas in Vermont  and the new Nick Ryan thriller, Eye of the Tiger and had to go back and read all of your others. What is your favorite book?

     A- I have to say that I love all my children.

Q- When is your next book coming out?


      A- Very soon. The first one will be released in a few months and the next to follow up shortly thereafter.

Thank you for taking the time away from your wonderful writing to spend some time with me.

     It was my pleasure.